Frequently Asked Questions

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation?

Specialist Disability Accommodation 'SDA' is for people who require a specialist housing solution to ensure they are able to receive the supports they need at home. The funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation is not intended to cover support costs - these are assessed and funded separately by the NDIS. 

If your clients are assessed as requiring Specialist Disability Accommodation, the funding will be included in their NDIS plan to cover any disability related housing costs that are above the ordinary costs of housing.

Who is eligible for SDA funding support and requires SDA accomodation?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme 'NDIS' provides SDA funding for people with extreme functional impairment, and / or very high support needs that require specialised accommodation that enables them to receive care and support.

Will the property suit the Participants unique needs?

SDA Property Solutions provides tailored accommodation solutions that are unique to each Participants disability accommodation and care requirements.

How does an SDA Property Solutions home improve our service delivery to the Participant?

Each of the homes SDA Property Solutions builds are modelled to improve the comfort and privacy of both Carers and Participants, whilst improving safety and functionality within the home. This allows Service Providers to better support and care for their Participants, whilst ensuring the comfort and convenience of team members who deliver the services and care.

How are SDA properties leased?

The properties are leased directly to the Participant so that Service Providers can continue to provide their high-care services without the organisation worrying about leasing or property management requirements.